I am so in love with these - the colours and the styles... everything.
I'm taking 2, 5, 7, 10 and 15
thank you
Wow! Your colors are absolutely amazing! Loving the blue and subtle purple in 3 and the striking orange and painted effect in 2! The text work in 8 and 9 is wonderful, too! :D
Thanks I'm trying to explore more reds and oranges because I'm always sticking to blues greens and pinks
I'm the opposite, trying to branch into blues and greens cuz all I ever do are reds and pinks! :P

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thank you. i really find it hard to make black and white icons now because i got used to so much bright colour that i just find it easier to do that now.
Okay now, you have to understand that I just started watching the show and I'm in love with everything. I saw that you made such a wonderful icons of Gotham soooo... be ready to find a lot of comment by me XD
Of this batch I took 7, 10 and 15, with credits when I'll use.
Thanks for sharing :)